Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Future Daze

Future Daze.

July, and since last Friday, St Swithins day, it has rained. Sometimes in torrents, sometimes in fine yet penetrating drizzle. Rather more October, than Summer in its pre harvest glory. Perhaps that's why I'm subtly enjoying it, the overtones of Autumn, a taster of my favourite time of the year! Already I'm looking forward to the hedgerow fruiting, and the gestating bottles of sloe gin, rose hips, elderberries and the like. I suppose I am predicting and projecting my wishes, based on previous experience, so I can easily conjure up a picture of myself involved in the whole process. So vivid is the picture, I know it as a reality, even though, in the chronological concept of time, it has yet to happen.  Applying this intensity of vision to the future yet to be experienced is the art of working intention; to believe and see it as if you were already doing it, is the key. Bearing this in mind, it is easy to see how we repeat patterns of self sabotage, as we linger over past hurts and perceived failures, but as has been said, if we can dream/think it, we can do it, and so mote it be!  There are many aids to focused intention, and its not a "one size fits all" kind of concept. The best activity I know to fix and evoke, is ritual. To set aside a propitious time, and to gather corresponding herbs, tools and appropriate objects, is to direct the intention solely at the aim in mind. To incantate and conjure into being. Using mandalas and charms to "contain" our wishes and as physical reminders of our desires and workings is also a part of the weaving, and to act as if its already happening!

The seeds of our future have taken root in the present, and all that is thought, said or done will bear consequences, all we need to be is "aware" It is not in my remit to judge how a person uses the skill of intention, I need no others moral compass to inform my own conscience, and I  repect the right of all individual souls to act as they consider appropriate. Sorry, that sounded like a government health warning, I do apologise!
Another brilliant quote to end on:

"Dance as if no one is watching you,
Love as though you have never been hurt,
Sing as if no one can hear you
Live as though Heaven is on Earth."

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