Monday, March 3, 2008


March is here and I am aware that many of us are feeling quite unsettled at the moment.Alot of my pagan friends are experiencing a certain "out of phase" effect. I wondered if it could be something to do with the earthquake we had a few days ago? The one that I slept through, although Im not sure I know anyone who felt it here! But then, there does seem to be a marked sense of confusion about, the issue of climate change can be one culprit, as the fauna and flora are breeding and budding when they should under "normal" circumstances be sleeping and resting. The last time I remember a similar vibe was in the lead up to 9/11, which affected me very profoundly. So disturbed was I by my increasing feeling of despair and dread, I thought I was going bonkers. I was talking on the phone to a sister in London, telling her I had a terrible feeling that something catastrophic was about to happen. When we watched the planes hitting the towers, it became obvious. At the time most of us felt life would never quite be the same again; the order and predictability of life had been shaken. It is either a testament to our powers of recovery or a damning indictment of our arrogance, how quickly we seem to have recovered. I dont think it has left such a impression as many at the time said it would, with the very obvious exception of those who lost their loved ones and were directly affected. As a species, we dont seem to learn from our mistakes, and our delays are costly.
Spring is an itchy feet time anyway, with the urge to shake out of the winter slumber, and hoover out your brain cells and your domicile! Longer days and more light make us all feel more upbeat and energised, so Im going to take this apparent shift in awareness as a wake up call to bring into being all the plans and ideas I've had gestating since last Samhain (halloween) sift them through, and apply myself to some creativity! There will always be disasters and vile things happening in the world, and some of us have a heightened awareness when the "web" is vibrating. Our task is to remain focused and use this energy in a positive way, and try to stay sane!